Waste management instructions

Vessels must follow the instructions provided below when visiting the Port of Loviisa. Up-to-date instructions for vessels are published separately in paper format distributed to vessels and in online format on the Port's website.

General waste management instructions for vessels

  • All ships must submit a notification to the arrival port on ship-generated waste and cargo residues 24 hours prior to arrival at the port using the Finnish Transport Safety Agency's form (attached)
  • The ship's agent submits the notification in the Portnet system.
  • At the Port of Loviisa, waste is sorted into the following categories:
    1. General waste
    2. Solid paint waste
    3. Solid oily waste
    4. Non-EU area food waste
    5. Batteries (point 1)
    6. Fluorescent tube lamps (point 1)
  • The master of the vessel is responsible for making sure that the waste delivered to the port is sorted according to the port's instructions. 
  • Waste may only be delivered to the available reception facilities.
  • Waste must be sorted in a way that corresponds to the division of the reception facilities.
  • When delivering larger batches of waste or waste with a composition that does not correspond to the division of the port's reception facilities, the vessel must submit a notification of the delivery to its agent, who will notify the port authority.
  • Vessels are also asked to notify their agents about any deficiencies or faults in the reception facilities.
  • If the instructions provided are not followed, the vessel is liable to compensate the Port for any costs resulting from additional work and waste management.

Instructions concerning the management of liquid waste from the engine room

The reception and handling of oily water and liquid oily waste at the Port of Loviisa is handled by Phoenix Collector Oy.

Orders. Tel. +358 (0)40 046 2253 or orders@phoenix-collector.fi
Vessels must adhere to the following when delivering liquid oily waste to the Port of Loviisa:

  • Reception weekdays 7am–4pm
  • The advance order for waste reception services must be made by ship's agent 24 hours before pumping is to commence and the starting time of the pumping must be confirmed by 2pm the previous day.
  • The vessel must deliver their waste to the reception facility by pumping and in liquid form
  • The transportation includes 2 hours of pumping free of charge, after that pumping from vessel €45 per 30 minutes
  • The vessel must have a minimum pumping capacity of 3 m³/hr
  • The pumping may take no longer than 4 hours
  • The vessel must separate bilge water before delivering it to reception facilities
  • The minimum one-time waste delivery volume is 2 m³ (excluding waste oil, for which the one-time delivery volume is 1 m³)
  • The maximum one-time waste delivery volume is 15 m³ (combined total volume of separated waste and bilge water)

       Phoenix Collector Oy