Price list 2020

1. General terms and conditions of the Price List

Operations in the harbour area of Port of Loviisa Ltd are subject to the harbour regulations of Port of Loviisa Ltd.

All owners, holders, representatives or other parties responsible for the port fees of any goods or ships arriving at or departing the port area of Port of Loviisa Ltd, as well as those who otherwise use the services of Port of Loviisa Ltd, commit to adhering to the price list.

The charges in this price list do not include value-added tax (VAT). VAT is added to the prices according to the valid VAT rate, if sales are liable to taxation according to law and/or decisions made by public authorities.

In case the liability for payment regarding VAT becomes retroactive on account of changes in interpretation, we presume that clients will act in accordance with Section 178 of the Value Added Tax Act.

The payment time for invoices is 30 days.

Penalty interest is calculated in accordance with section 4(1) of the Interest Act.

The collection fee is 5,00 €.
If there are any differencies between Finnish and English Price Lists, please follow the Finnish one.

2. Cargo charges

2.1. General Terms

1. The cargo charges shall be paid in accordance with the related charge table for cargo transported by sea via the Port of Loviisa.

2. The charge shall be paid by the domestic owner, shipping agent, shipping company, or the person in charge of the cargo during the transport unless otherwise agreed. The person responsible for paying the charge shall provide the Port of Loviisa Ltd with the information required for determining the charge.

3. Goods charges are levied according to gross weight, unless otherwise stipulated.

4. Charges are waived on the following:

• passenger luggage

• containers, pallets and similar transport equipment classified as facilities and not as merchandise,   excluding empty vehicle units transported.

5. Cargo will be charged for accordance with the general tariff if the transported cargo is not otherwise specified in charge table or if unitized cargo includes cargo in several price classes.

6. Requests for compensation for any cargo charges must be submitted to the Port of Loviisa Ltd within three months of the end of the calendar year.

7. Cargo transported via Port of Loviisa ltd´s railway or road infrastructure is charged 50% of the port charges on cargo according to the charge table, if not otherwise charged.

2.2. Charge table

General tariff – all goods not otherwise specified     2,10    €/t
All other dry bulk also in bigbags  1.04 €/t
Wood   0,48 €/m3
Cement, salt   0,73  €/t
Coal    0,75 €/t
Woodchips, pellets   0,63 €/t
Gravel, crushed rocks, sand   0,59 €/t
Pulp  1,21 €/t
Plywood, paper, cardboard  1,15 €/t
Metal, metal products   0,95 €/t
Project shipments  3,06 €/t/m3
Containers and trailers 41,50 €/pc


The minimum cargo charge is 20 €.

3. Vessel charges

3.1. General Terms

The Port of Loviisa Ltd will levy a harbour charge in accordance with the price list on any vessel entering the port area of Loviisa.

  1. The basis for this charge is the net tonnage of the vessel. The vessel charge is calculated by multiplying the charge by the net tonnage.

  2. If the net tonnage changes in port, the charge will be made according to the highest net tonnage.

  3. In order to be able to determine the basis for the charge, the captain of the ship or a representative is obliged to make the appropriate notifications for calculation of the charge.

  4. Payment of the harbour charge entitles a vessel to an uninterrupted stay of 14 days in the port area.

  5. Vessels shall be declared to the Port of Loviisa Ltd immediately after arrival and departure, unless otherwise agreed.

  6. The vessel charge may be reduced or a vessel may be completely exempted from paying the vessel charge for exceptional reasons.

  7. Vessels which keep the Port of Loviisa as their base (tugboats etc.) are charged a vessel charge in accordance with a quay charge agreed separately.

  8. A waste disposal payment will be collected from vessels in accordance with a separately confirmed ship-generated waste charge.

3.2. Vessel charges

Cargo vessels
The vessel charge is 0,56 €/NT.
The minimum charge is 165,00 €

Passanger vessels
Passenger vessels that maintain regular traffic according to a publicly available timetable, and principally carry passengers for a minimum period of three months, are granted a reduction of 40% on the vessel charge.

The minimum charge is 90,00 €.

3.3 Tugboats and combinations of tugboats and barges

Vessel charge for tugboats that visit the port area 165,00 €.
Tug/barge combinations are charged according to the combined net tonnage.

3.4. Maintenance calls

A vessel visiting the port area for work-related reasons, maintenance or to change crews without picking up or dropping off cargo or passengers will be issued with a vessel charge equal to 40% of the vessel charge specified in section 3.2.

3.5. Laid up vessels

The potential mooring and vessel charges for laid up vessels and vessels used for storage are agreed upon separately between the shipping company and Port of Loviisa ltd.

3.6. Boat handling

The handling of boats in a port area is subject to the following charges based on the weight of the vessel:

0 - 5000 kg  

  70,00 €/unit

5 - 20 tn

140,00 €/unit

over 20 tn

210,00 €/unit

3.7. Non-commercial vessels

The charge for non-commercial vessels (such as state vessels) visiting the port on an occasional basis is calculated according to maximum length as follows, €/day:

15 - 35 m   48,00
36 - 70 m   88,00
71 - 100 m 104,00
over 100 m 156,00


Services used by vessels are charged for according to their costs.

4. Vessel waste management charges

A waste management fee will be charged for according to the vessel’s net tonnage:

  • Solid waste 0,08 € / NT.

    The minimum charge is 42 €/vessel and the maximum charge is 126,00 €/vessel.

  • Waste from the engine room 0,16 € / NT.

              The minimum charge is 220,00 €/ vessel and the maximum charge is 1520,00 €/vessel..

               Pumping from vessel 45,00€  per 30 minutes.

  • Sewage 0,02 € / NT:. Valid from 10th of March 2020.

               The minimum charge is 20,00 € / vessel and the maximum charge is 100,00 € / vessel.

               Additional pumping from vessel 45,00 €  per 45 minutes.

The Port of Loviisa's vessel waste instructions provide the framework for the delivery of waste to the port.

A vessel that intends to use the port’s waste reception service must notify the port of this at least 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival at the port. The notification must include the type and amount of waste as well as the waste oil tank volume and the port of departure.

No waste management fee is charged to vessels that the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TraFi) has exempted from obligatory disposal of oily and solid wastes.

If a vessel which has been released from the waste management fee discharges waste in the port, the Port of Loviisa Ltd has the right to transfer the waste on for treatment/destruction at the expense of the vessel or shipping company.

Other waste
Fees for receiving and handling other waste (such as waste generated by Sulphur oxide scrubbers) left by a vessel at the port are based on actual costs incurred.

Waiting time
The fee for vessel waste management includes a pumping time of 2 hours.

5. Vessel mooring and unmooring charges

The basis for this charge is net tonnage of the vessel:

0 – 500     127,00 €    
501 – 2000   160,00 €   
2001 – 4000   235,00 €   
4001 – 6000  300,00 € 
6001 – 8000    360,00 €  
8001 –    420,00 €   

Charges for mooring and unmooring of a ship will be collected separately.

The order includes 2 (two) hours of work for arriving vessels and 1 (one) hour of work for departing vessels. Any work exceeding these times and cancellations is charged at €100,00/hr.

5.1. Moving of vessels

The moving of a vessel by hauling is subject to a one-time charge of €100,00.
The moving of a vessel to another berth is subject to mooring and unmooring charges.

6. Charges for water sales

The charge for potable water supplied to vessels is €4.30/m³.

Please note:
- Water supply is available weekdays 7am–3pm
- the minimum charge is for 10 m³.
- water supply outside normal working hours is subject to an additional charge of €50.00/hr.
- potential vehicle transports are charged separately.

7. Electricity charges

Connecting and measuring charge €50,00.
Electricity at port is charged at €0.60/kWh
The minimum charge (includes connection and electricity supply) is €100,00.

8. Hourly charges

For separate work output, a charge per person participating in the work is collected as follows: €50,00/h


9. Cleaning charge

A company engaged in stevedoring is obliged to clean away all debris and dispose of any waste created by its operations.  Cleaning shall be performed without delay after stevedoring, taking into account other traffic and quay conditions.

If the Port of Loviisa conducts the clean up after issuing notifications or by separate agreement, it has the right to invoice the company that operated the cargo for the actual costs of the cleanup.