We accept invoices addressed to Port of Loviisa Ltd electronically and prefer e-invoices, which are faster to process, more reliable and cheaper for both the sender and recipient than paper invoices.

Our e-invoicing address:

Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)
E-invoice address: 003727791703
EDI number: 003727791703

If you use one of the following operators to send e-invoices

  • Danske Bank Oyj
  • Handelsbanken,
  • POP Bank or
  • Savings Bank

you need to use Apix E-invoice address: 003723327487 and EDI number: DABAFIHH.

If you can not send e-invoices, please send your invoices to scanning service:

Port of Loviisa Ltd is not covered by the value added tax liability of construction services.