2022 New areas and the extention of the cement terminal

The cement terminal is being extended and more port area is being built for the green transition products.

2017 Suomen Viljava Oy expands its storage facility

Suomen Viljava Oy expands its storage facility in the Port of Loviisa. This expansion project almost doubled the storage capacity of Suomen Viljava at the Port of Loviisa.

2017 Port of Helsinki became the owner

The Port of Helsinki bought 60% of the Loviisa port company. The company’s other owner, with a 40% share, is the City of Loviisa. Port of Loviisa offers the ”conventional choice”.

2014 Port of Loviisa ltd

The port started operating as a limited company on 1 September 2014.

2000’s New cement silos

At the 2000’s the cement silos were built and fairway deepened to 9,5m.

1990’s 1990’s renewing of port infrastructure

The railway yard and the port area were renewed and extended at the 1990’s.

1980’s Grain silos and even deeper fairway

1980’s the 60 000 tn grainsilos were built, and the fairway deepened.

1960’s Deeper fairway, renewed quays and wider railway gauge

The fairway was deepened to 7,3m, quays were renewed and railway gauge was widened in the 1960’s .

1898 Port to Valko!

Valko port planning started in 1898, first quay was built 1903 and the Loviisa-Vesijärvi railway connections 1900.

1751 Orrengrund-Degerby fairway

The first description of the fairway Orrengrund-Degerby is from year 1751.