Instructions for port entry

The 9.5-metre long fairway that connects the Port of Loviisa to the busy and rapidly developing shipping route of the Gulf of Finland is easy to navigate throughout the winter.

The basin is equipped with an anti-freezing system based on air circulation.

Ship pilotage

Vessels must use a pilot on public fairways in Finnish waters if required by the hazardous or harmful nature of the cargo or the size of the vessel.

Pilotage services are provided by Finnpilot. (

Pilotage requests are made via Finnpilot’s Pilot Order Centre.

Eastern pilotage zone

Kotka pilotage area, Orrengrund

  • email:
  • Tel. +358 (0) 400 907 978 (Kotka)
  • Fax +358 (0) 29 52 53011


All traffic to Port of Loviisa ltd should use Locode FIHEL, harbour LOV.


The Port of Loviisa has a contract for icebreaking services with a private company. Icebreaking is usually conducted before the arrival of a vessel at port, and before departure if necessary.

Towing, pushing and ice removal from between a vessel and the quay are not part of the normal icebreaking services provided by the Port. Orders for services that are not covered by regular icebreaking services can be made through the vessel’s agent and are subject to separate charges.

HH-Hinaus Oy
Tel. +358 (0)40 066 4556 (24 hrs)


If vessel needs towing or assistance, please contact agent for further details.

Mooring and unmooring services

For safety reaseons, it is obligatory to use professionals to moore and unmoore ships.

Arriving vessels. The pilot orders the mooring service after boarding the ship by calling +358 (0)40 071 7215 (24 hr). The vessel’s agent has provided Port Services with the vessel’s advance information.

Vessels arriving without pilot are also obliged to follow the directive above.

Departing vessels. The ship’s agent orders the unmooring service by telephone at least 1.5 hours before the vessel’s intended departure time. The vessel’s agent has provided advance information to Port Services.

The order includes 2 (two) hours of working time for arriving vessels and 1 (one) hour of working time for departing vessels. Any work exceeding these times and cancellations is charged at €100.00/hr.

Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy
Tel. +358 (0)40 071 7215 (24 hrs)

Vessel water supply

The order of potable water is always to be made by the agent of the vessel. If no agent available, please act according to these instructions.

Port of Loviisa ltd purchases the water from Loviisa Water Utility.

Water delivery on working days 07:00 – 15:00

The potable water is delivered by the maintenance personnel of Port of Loviisa ltd.

Orders Monday – Thursday 07:00 – 15:00 and Friday 07:00 – 13:00 by telephone.

Orders outside the service time for delivery on next working day via text message (SMS).

Tel. 0440 555 837 / Ville Vuokkovaara

Water delivery outside normal service time

Outside service time Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy is responsible for the water delivery against an extra charge. Orders Tel. + 358 400 717 215 (24/7)

Crew movement at port

Movement in the port area must take place primarily using the marked routes. Persons moving in the port area must wear CE-marked high visibility clothing. Any person moving around in the port area must be prepared to explain their purpose in the area and prove their identity on request.

In order for a visitor to enter a ship, the ship must be docked, and the visitor must be able to indicate the person they are meeting.

Waste management

All ships must submit a notification to the arrival port on ship-generated waste and cargo residues in compliance with the template confirmed by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), normally 24 hours prior to arrival at the port.

The reception and handling of waste at the port is conducted in accordance with waste management instructions. According to Finnish legislation on ship-generated waste, a ship must dispose of all ship-generated waste and cargo residues in the reception facilities at the port.

The waste disposal stations located in the port area are indicated on the port map

Reception of oily water and liquid oily waste at the Port of Loviisa:

The reception and handling of oily water and liquid oily waste at the Port of Loviisa is handled by Phoenix Collector Oy. The delivery of waste at the Port of Loviisa is covered by the “No Special Fee” -system as long as the instructions provided below are followed. For more information, please see the waste management instructions section.

Reception weekdays 7am–4pm

The advance order for waste reception services must be made 24 hours before pumping is to commence and the starting time of the pumping must be confirmed by 2pm the previous day.

  • The vessel must deliver their waste to the reception facility by pumping and in liquid form
  • The transportation includes 2 hours of pumping free of charge
  • The vessel must have a minimum pumping capacity of 3 m³/hr and pumping may take no longer than 4 hours
  • The vessel must separate bilge water before delivering it to reception facilities
  • The minimum one-time waste delivery volume is 2 m³ (excluding waste oil, for which the one-time delivery volume is 1 m³)
  • The maximum one-time waste delivery volume is 15 m³ (combined total volume of separated waste and bilge water)

Phoenix Collector Oy Ltd

Orders can be placed by calling the following number:
Tel. +358 (0)40 046 2253
Fax. +358 (0)5 355 8897

Repair services

Welding and other repair services at the Port of Loviisa are provided by Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy.

Orders tel. +358 (0)40 071 7215 (24/7)