Railway traffic

The railway network of the Port of Loviisa is administered by Port of Loviisa Ltd.

Below are excerpts from the ‘shunting and railway work instructions’ that are part of the safety management system included in Port of Loviisa Ltd’s safety permit. If you wish to read the instructions in their entirety, please contact us.

  • The Port of Loviisa’s railway network is a second class traffic control area, in which every unit is responsible for their own movement.
  • The railway network’s maximum speed limit is 20 km/h. Deviations from this limit are indicated with traffic signs.
  • The railway network has one crossing warning light system, located where the Finnish Transport Agency’s track number 060 connects to the port railway network, immediately after switch 022. The safety system is manually operated.
  • The highest permitted axle load is 22.5 t. The use of stock exceeding this must be approved by the possessor of the railway network.
  • The signs, markings and signalling devices of the rail network are identical or equivalent to those detailed in the Finnish Transport Agency’s instructions.

Any shunting work must be approved in writing by the possessor of the Port of Loviisa’s railway network. Approval is operator-specific and valid until further notice. Approval must be acquired before shunting work is started. Approval is granted by: Tiina Vepsäläinen, tiina.vepsalainen@portofloviisa.fi

Rules for shunting work:

  • Communication related to shunting work must be conducted in Finnish.
  • Conducting shunting work without approval is prohibited.
  • Lookout procedures must be taken care of.
  • The lookout must have a white light pointing to the direction of travel.
  • At least 7 meters of clear view area must be left in both directions at level crossings.