Companies operating in the port


Lovisa Forwarding & Stevedoring (LFS)
Terminaalintie 1, 07910 Valko
Tel. +358 (0)19 517 2226 / e-mail:
Goods reception open Mon–Fri 7am–10pm

Loviisa Forwarding & Stevedoring is part of the Nordström Group. The Nordström Group is a family-owned business operating since 1914, specialising in stevedoring, forwarding, logistics, and ship loading and clearance.

Suomen Viljava Oy
Siilotie 6, 07910 Valko
Tel. +358 (0)40 760 6422 / e-mail:
Open weekdays 7 am-3 pm

Suomen Viljava Ltd is the largest company in Finland specialising in the storage and handling of grain, grain-type products and fodder ingredients. We serve, in addition to the domestic market, companies operating in export, import and transit trade.The 65,000 tons silo storage facility in Loviisa is the most modern in Finland. In addition to the silo storage four flat stores with total floor space of 12,000 m2 and a total grain capacity of 50,000 tons. Good transport connections enable delivery by road, train and ship. The Loviisa storage facility is located in the grain growing area of the southern coast of Finland, logistically close to Finland’s malt, fodder and flour-mill industries. A short rail connection from the border, at Vainikkala, a high unloading capacity of railcars and fast loading of vessel enables efficient transit traffic.

Fiskarsinkatu 7 A 2nd floor, 20750 Turku
Tel. + 358 20 712 1433 / e-mail:
For matters related to visiting the port, please contact Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 071 7215

SCHWENK Suomi Oy – part of the SCHWENK group, which was founded in 1847 in Ulm, Germany. SCHWENK Suomi is the biggest importer and distributor in the Finnish cement business.

Cargo Connexion
Terminaalintie 1, 07910 Valko
Tel. +358 (0)19 565 1500 / e-mail:
The goods reception is open weekdays 7am–5pm, and at other times according to agreement.

Our forwarding and terminal services, customs warehouses and containerisation terminal with land, sea and rail connections offer a wide range of options for efficient logistics.

BB Logistics Oy
Heikki Hemminki +358 40 1971698

All port logistics, handling and storage.


C&C Port Agency Finland Oy Ltd
Satamatalonkuja 1, 07910 Valko
Tel. +358 (0)10 346 7830 (24 h) / fax. +358 (0)10 346 7833

Our skilled staff are ready to serve you around the clock in order to make your visit to the port as pleasant as possible, from start to finish.

Oy Aug. Ljungqvist Ab
Terminaalintie 1, 07910 Valko
Tel. +358 (0)19 515 134 (24h) / fax. +358 (0)19 515 350

Oy Aug. Ljungqvist Ab is a company specialised in clearance for shipping, originally established during the outset of the 1900s as part of the Nordström Group. Our professionally skilled personnel offer our clients tailored services flexibly and effectively around the clock, simultaneously achieving mutual goals.


HH Hinaus Oy, Gislominkatu 8, 07900 Loviisa
Tel. +358 (0)40 066 4556

Experts in sea towing. Moving ships to and from quays. Icebreaking services in the winter.

Pilotage / Finnpilot

Oy Phoenix Collector Ltd, Satamantie 4, 49460 Hamina
Tel. +358 (0)20 773 8620

Securitas Oy, Hatanpäänkatu 3, 33900 TAMPERE
Tel. +358 (0)20 4911

Suomen Hiiva Oy, Niemenkatu 18, 15140 Lahti
Tel. +358 (0)50 595 4519

Suomenlahden Telakka Oy

Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy, Satamatalonkuja 1, 07910 Valko
Puh. +358 (0)40 071 7215 (24h)

Valkon Satamapalvelu Oy provides vessel mooring and unmooring, vessel transfer and water supply services, as well as qualified welding services.


General emergency number 112

Eastern-Uusimaa Emergency Services Department tel.+358 (0)20 111 1400