Services and price list

The Port of Loviisa is a service centre specialising in industrial cargo, where the needs of each customer are considered individually. Our modern and versatile cargo handling equipment allow us to meet our clients’ needs efficiently and flexibly, and offer solutions for even the most demanding situations.

Our port services are at your disposal, from production facilities to short-term storage and from the processing of goods to packing and distribution. The Port of Loviisa’s strengths are efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

The port has ample indoor and outdoor storage space for various types of industrial cargo, as well as a terminal with vehicle ramps. Containers and trailers can be handled, unloaded and loaded directly from the doors. In addition to cargo handling, there is plenty of expertise available for work such as assembly operations, packing and construction – on an hourly basis, if required.

Cost-effective and competitive service for shipping companies
We offer quick and efficient loading while ensuring the maximal utilisation of cargo capacity. The short fairway leading to the port also provides cost savings. The size of the fairway allows for the operation of handysize ships.

  • Six berths: five conventional berths and one RoRo ramp
  • A total of 44,000 m2 of warehouse space, which can accommodate over 100,000 m3 of timber, for example
  • Plenty of field space for weather-resistant goods, as well as space for new buildings

LFS is a professional operator with skilled and experienced staff and the best cargo handling equipment for different loads. Our operating models and efficient and flexible working methods provide shipping companies with greater cost-efficiency and competitiveness.

We specialise in the transportation of goods such as timber, grains, cement, poles, logs, bulk goods, general cargo, various types of bulk cargo, and projects ranging from boxes to special transports weighing thousands of tonnes. We always use the equipment best suited for each type of cargo.

The Port of Loviisa’s equipment

  • Four mobile crawler cranes, or so-called precision cranes, allowing us to comprehensively and efficiently meet the needs of our customers and adapt to different situations with a range of accessories, such as lifting hooks, spreaders, lifting tongs and grabbers for handling bulk cargo. In addition to this, we also have a rubber-tyred mobile crane with a grabber.
  • A range of forklifts, with handling capacities ranging from three tonnes all the way to twenty tonnes.
  • Wheel loaders for handling bulk products, pulp and poles.
  • Reach stacker for cargo container and special lifting.
  • Modern and fast conveyors for handling grains and cement, providing quick turnover and reliable operation.

Quick handling of transport units

We focus on convenient services and the quick handling of transport units. We provide transport companies supplying timber, for example, with uninterrupted service throughout the entire working day in two shifts.

Our aim is to continuously shorten the time drivers need to spend at the port, thus providing cost savings for the transport company. We are continuously developing all our pre-cargo handling operations (such as cargo and unit information) in order to make sure that all the necessary arrangements for your cargo are ready in advance before the cargo arrives at the port.

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