For shipping companies


We are small port with a big heart – agile and dynamic in size, yet boasting strong expertise and extensive experience.


The Port of Loviisa is a service centre specialising in industrial cargo, a so-called full service port, where the needs of each customer are considered individually.
For shipping companies, we offer quick and efficient loading while ensuring the maximal utilisation of cargo capacity. The short fairway leading to the port also provides cost savings. These aspects benefit both cargo owners and shipping companies.
The size of the fairway allows for the operation of handysize ships.
Excellent transport connections:
    7 minutes from motorway E18
    Train connection via Lahti
    Short and deep fairway, draught 9.5 m
The port has six berths, thanks to which each ship can be provided with an optimal berth: five conventional berths and one RoRo ramp
A total of 44,000 m2 of warehouse space, which can accommodate over 100,000 m3 of timber, for example.
Plenty of field space for weather-resistant goods, as well as space for new buildings.
LFS is a professional operator with skilled and experienced staff and the best cargo handling equipment for different loads. Their new operating models combined with the already efficient and flexible working methods provide cost-efficient and competitive services for shipping companies.
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Map of the Port, pdf